Jukraf Furniture Sdn Bhd may be one of Malaysia's young manufacturing factory but with its pool of resources in the design and production fields and with a workforce of twenty-two, including the directors who are at all times hands-on, the company envisions itself to be a trendsetter. People are becoming more and more sophisticated. Their mannerisms, ways of thinking and attitudes are changing as a result of daily global revolutions. Wealth in the next decade will be generated predominantly by the value people add to products and services through new ideas. Global business success will more likely happen to those who earn it, not to those who fall into it.

At the end of each day, the company's concern is seldom the balance sheet, but always the quality of design and the satisfaction of its clients as this would be the generating factor for additional business. The company takes pride in itself on the service rendered to clients and most importantly, a sense of commitment to every assignment because the success of the company is built on new technologies, techniques and clients.

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